It’s spring April 16

In some places across the country folks are questioning this fact as they shovel out from yet another snow storm in my hometown we aren’t dealing with that but the county did have a tornado yesterday the county closed schools outside my window clear skies the garden has been plowed waiting on plants, in the next week or two they aught to be at the farmers market then the planting season begins

Happy New Year

It is November 1 for me it is new years for a variety of reasons.  Because I live in the country I follow the seasons more closely my year goes from harvest to harvest –  I follow a pagan path I rejoice when the clocks roll back an hour after the long hard days of summer.  Looking forward to Autumn and Winter I have much to do between now and next spring maybe I will tackle that closet before the wheel turns to far; but for now it is past bedtime I need to get 🎃😌